A Gift to Science

Lorna Shaw lost her entire family to cancer. To honour their legacy, she has decided to donate into research which furthers studies into disease prevention.

“I felt that this is the kind of research that needs to be done… I know from my experience working in research many years ago that it takes a long time for results to come to fruition, but I gave to research, not treatment, because that is where real, long-term change can occur.” – Lorna Shaw

Lorna Shaw’s gift to TMIC has opened new and exciting research opportunities. Her unrestricted donation has allowed our lab to purchase a QTRAP 5500 mass spectrometer which will further enhance our ability to conduct critical research. This addition will not only benefit the scientific community but will pave the way for better health-care through early detection and improved cure rates.

“Making data and ideas available for other scientists moves our whole field forward faster. With this tool, we’re helping patients and we’re changing lives for the better. We’re incredibly grateful for Lorna’s support.” – David Wishart, TMIC Lead

Dr. Wishart was featured in an article during the University of Alberta’s Changing Lives Week, a collection of donor-inspired stories which highlights how donors change lives. To read the entire article click here.

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