Metabolomics Analysis Workshop

A two-day intensive workshop on Metabolomics Analysis by Dr. David Wishart and Dr. Jeff Xia. This workshop is organized by under the 2023 Workshop program. During the two days, the trainees are attending in person at one of the two nodes:
•University of Alberta: Day #1 in-person and Day #2 online

•McGill University: Day #1 online and Day #2 in-person

Course Description

Using high-throughput technologies, life science researchers can identify and characterize all the small molecules or metabolites in a given cell, tissue, or organism. The CBW course covers many topics ranging from understanding metabolomics technologies, data collection and analysis, using pathway databases, performing pathway analysis, conducting univariate and multivariate statistics, working with metabolomic databases, and exploring chemical databases. Hands-on practical tutorials using various data sets and tools will assist participants in learning metabolomics analysis techniques.

Course Objectives

Participants will gain practical experience and skills to be able to:

  • Design appropriate metabolome-focused experiments
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of metabolomic data analysis
  • Devise an appropriate bioinformatics workflow for processing and analyzing metabolomic data
  • Apply appropriate statistics to undertake rigorous data analysis
  • Visualize datasets to gain intuitive insights into the composition and/or activity of their metabolome

If you couldn’t make these workshops but want to learn from the materials. Please visit: All the material is available for free on student website

Coming Workshop

Dr. Wishart will also deliver another workshop on Machine Learning this coming August. Check out the registration here:

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