MetaboNews April Issue: Tao Huan

Dr. Tao Huan received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Liang Li on developing chemical isotope labelling liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. After graduation, Dr. Huan did postdoctoral work with Dr. Gary Siuzdak at the Scripps Research (La Jolla, CA) to create metabolomics-guided systems biology for an in-depth understanding of disease mechanisms. In July 2018, he came back to Canada with the Assistant Professor position at the University of British Columbia.

As an analytical chemist, the focus of my research lab is on method development. One of the most important and unique aspects of metabolomics, compared to traditional analytical chemistry, is the large amount of data that can be generated with a complicated high-dimensional data structure. To address this challenge, my lab takes a synergistic approach to develop both analytical chemistry and bioinformatics solutions for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics.

Tao Huan

He also briefly discussed the two great barriers for metabolomics. One is on the analytical chemistry side, and the other is bioinformatics. Read his full MetaboInterview here.

The 4th Annual Canadian Metabolomics Conference (CanMetCon) 2023

Canmetcon organizers are pleased to announce that Dr. Gary Miller (Columbia University Mailman), Dr. Joerg Bohlmann (UBC), and Dr. Susan Sumner (UNC at Chapel Hill) will join us as plenary speakers. Dr. Shawn Whitehead (University of Western Ontario), Dr. Jacques Corbeil (Université Laval), Dr. Karl Jobst (Memorial University of Newfoundland), and Dr. Gerald Batist (McGill University) will each deliver a featured lecture on one of the four topics listed above. TMIC’s nine node leaders will also present their latest research in metabolomics technologies and exposomics. In addition to our featured speakers, this conference will host selected speakers from among our registrants, with many talk spots still available. Check out the full program here.

This conference will complement the larger 19th Annual Metabolomics Society Conference, being held in Niagara Falls only a few days later, giving attendees access to two world-class conferences only days apart. For more information about our conference, please visit our website at

Metabolomics Society News

Metabolomics 2023 – the 19th annual conference of the Metabolomics Society is still accepting Poster Abstracts through May 16!


This year the EMN is enthusiastic to announce the MetaboArt contest for the participants of Metabolomics 2023 conference to showcase your research project through your creativity!

Join the “Educating the Researcher: Traceable Sample Management & Processing” podcast for an exploration into the questions that often arise about pre-acquisition sample management and processing. It will discuss this topic from both small-scale and large-scale perspectives in both academic and industry. Registration link

The Metabolomist Podcast is back for a second season! 

This podcast discusses the trials and tribulations of scientists who work to interpret metabolomic data to extract meaningful biological information. As a complement to the first season, this second season will look at the status of the application of metabolomics in clinical research.

In this season’s first episode, our host Alice Limonciel talks about the place of metabolomics in the clinics with David Wishart, a prominent figure in the metabolomics field. Together, they discuss why quantitative measurements are essential for clinical applications of metabolomics, how databases support the metabolomics field, and why we need to keep developing better tools to support data analysis and interpretation.

The Metabolomist will release a new episode on the first Tuesday of the month.

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