MetaboNews April Issue

Earlier this week all subscribers received an April issue of the MetaboNews. In the first spring issue you can find the following content:
–         MetaboInterview with Dr. Dajana Vuckovic: her group at Concordia University specializes in developing new analytical methods and devices to improve metabolite coverage and data quality in metabolomics, with the overarching goal of discovering and validating personalized biomarkers in cardiovascular health and nutrition.
–         The metabolomics community is looking forward to the Metabolomics 2022 conference (by Metabolomics Society) in Valencia (Spain) on June 19-23. The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) is sponsoring the event and would be pleased to see those attending this in person event in a great location.
–         Upcoming events and conferences – you will never miss an important event in metabolomics if you are subscribed to the MetaboNews!
–         List of recent publications related to the metabolomics research – an essential part of MetaboNews content.
–         FREE pilot study offered by Dr. Liang Li team at TMIC – this promotional offer is for human samples only. Reach out to us
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