MetaboNews August: Justin van der Hooft

MetaboNews team had an interesting MetaboInterview with Dr. Justin J.J. van der Hooft learning more on his research in computational metabolomics and bioinformatics. Justin is an Assistant Professor in Computational Metabolomics in the Bioinformatics Group at Wageningen University, NL, and an author of over 90 peer-reviewed articles in the metabolomics field.  Justin is very fascinated by the ingenuity of nature in creating marvelous chemical structures and their diverse roles in ecosystems that include inter-kingdom communication and this is a main driver of his research.

Dr. Justin van der Hooft was delivering a keynote presentation “Breaking Bonds & Barriers: Computational Metabolomics Strategies to Organize, Prioritize, and Annotate Metabolites in Mass Spectrometry Profiles” at Metabolomics 2023 Conference, Niagara Falls.

Justin’s group is also working on integrative omics mining tools and approaches where genome mining approaches for biosynthetic gene clusters in sequenced genomes of organisms are linked to metabolome mining approaches to accelerate natural product discovery research.

When it comes to bioinformatics and computational metabolomics, TMIC also listed an array of web servers and data analysis tools for your research needs. For instance, MetaboAnalyst, is a comprehensive, Web-based tool designed for processing, analyzing, and interpreting metabolomic data. It handles most of the common metabolomic data types including compound concentration lists, spectral bin lists, peak lists, and raw MS spectra.

We also listed the Metabolomic databases developed by the Wishart Node and its collaborators:

TMIC also offers custom services, including the “Advanced Statistical Analysis“​. Basic statistics are included in our services Advanced statistical analyses, such as ROC and heatmaps, are available upon request. Advanced data analysis support is also available, including pathway analysis and machine learning

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