MetaboNews in August – Metabolomist Podcast

August issue of MetaboNews is released. In this issue the Metabolomics Society reminds the members about the Board of Directors elections: 12 positions are open. Voting is open through August 29, 2022 at 11:59 pm USA CST. All Metabolomics Society members are encouraged to review the nominee biographies and submit as many votes as you see fit. Your voice counts!

SpotLight in August highlights The Metabolomist podcast presented by Alice Limonciel. The Metabolomist is a podcast for metabolomics researchers to connect with like-minded scientists and explore the unspoken issues in metabolomics research. In each episode, a metabolomics expert – the “metabolomist” – is invited to share experiences and stories about how this work is done. Alice Limonciel – the host – puts each guest’s story in the spotlight to expand the metabolomics interpretation toolbox. August episode is a discussion with Karsten Suhre “mGWAS and metabolite ratios”.

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Also presented to your attention: recent publications from the journals with high impact factor, upcoming events, and job posting.

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