MetaboNews July Issue: Gary Patti

Gary Patti is the Michael and Tana Powell Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, where he holds appointments in the department of chemistry and the department of medicine. Professor Patti’s research focuses on developing and applying both mass spectrometry-based and NMR-based metabolomics technologies to enhance our understanding of human metabolism. Applications of his work range from studies of molecular processes in cell culture to physiological regulation at the organ level in animal models and human patients. Read his full MetaboInterview here.

Dr. Gary Patti was delivering a plenary session “Enhancing biological discovery in metabolomics through the use of  stable isotopes” at Metabolomics 2023 Conference, Niagara Falls.
Right now, His lab is focusing on the tumor and cancer projects. Schematic of the tumor-liver alanine cycle in animals bearing melanoma. Image adapted from Cell Metabolism 33, 1493-1504 2021.

At the same time, the latest episode of The Metabolomist podcast also feature Dr. Gary Patti research about “Flux Metabolomics and Cancer”. Listen to the podcast here

In this issue, the president of Metabolomics Society, Dr. Roy Goodacre also provides the a quick recap for the 19th Metabolomics 2023 Conference last month in Niagara Falls. Let’s learn about the award-winning poster presentations by two TMIC young scientists here

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