MetaboNews May: Gabi Kastenmüller

Dr. Gabi Kastenmüller leads the Systems Metabolomics research group at Helmholtz Zentrum München in Germany. With a background in chemistry and computer science, she pursued a PhD in bioinformatics from Technische Universität München in 2009. Her postdoctoral work under Karsten Suhre and a stint at Metabolon Inc. sparked her passion for metabolomics. Gabi’s research focuses on understanding metabolism and metabolic individuality in disease development and treatment, emphasizing the factors shaping one’s metabolome and its changes over time. Her team develops strategies to analyze, integrate, and visualize results from metabolome-wide, proteome-wide, and genome-wide studies within large epidemiological cohorts.

During the interview, Gabi discussed her journey into metabolomics, driven by a combination of her interests in chemistry, computer science, and metabolism. She highlighted the dynamic nature of human metabolomes and their stability over time, noting that metabolic fluctuations can signal health outcomes. Gabi emphasized the importance of understanding the genetic and environmental determinants of the metabolome and expressed a desire to see metabolomics used routinely in clinical settings to provide detailed metabolic health assessments. She also mentioned the challenges in standardization and the need for better integration of metabolomics into multi-omics studies.

Metabolomics is crucial in clinical studies due to its ability to capture the net effects of genetic and environmental factors, including lifestyle influences. It provides a comprehensive view of metabolic states and changes, which can be pivotal in understanding and preventing diseases. Metabolomics data can help identify early metabolic dysfunctions associated with diseases, offering potential for early intervention and personalized treatment strategies. As technology advances, metabolomics could revolutionize clinical diagnostics and monitoring, making it an integral part of personalized healthcare. It is also crucial in translating the metabolomics into the clinical application, read this article on how we can achieve it through high-coverage metabolome analysis platform. TMIC is also engaged in various clinical and medical projects.

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