MetaboNews May Issue

May issue of the MetaboNews is published! In this issue the subscribers will find a lot of Metabolomics Society News. Conference corner highlights upcoming Metabolomics 2022 conference in Valencia. It also calls for the locations for the Metabolomics 2024. What place would you like it to be held? Share your thoughts with the conference organizers! In addition, task group’s corner shares an update from the Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics group. International Affiliates’ Corner provides more detail on the MANA (Metabolomics Association of North America) conference in September 2022. It also highlights an event by Netherlands Metabolomics Centre – Metabolomics and the Microbiome meeting, and the activities by Metabolomics South Africa.

This month issue features a SpOtlight content by Biocrates “The Quantitative Metabolomics Database (QMDB): A new reference database for human metabolomics”. It talks about the importance of reference values, and highlights the features of recently launched QMDB.

In the meantime, TMIC’s advertisement in May issue introduces our new assays: two MEGA assays for rapid metabolomics analysis. The first one is Clinical Biomarker assay, which quantifies up to 900 metabolites and ratios in blood, serum and plasma. The other one is Microbiome Metabolism assay, which is validated for fecal materials, urine and other sample types. Select the one which best fits your needs and contact us to set up a study.

Always in MetaboNews issue: upcoming events and conferences – you will never miss an important event in metabolomics if you are subscribed to the MetaboNews!

Another essential part of MetaboNews content is the list of recent publications related to the metabolomics research – from top journals with highest impact factors.

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