MetaboNews: Society Awards – July Issue

Summer bonus in July issue: meet four Metabolomics Society Award recipients! We present to your attention four mini-interview series with the following members of the diverse metabolomics research community:

  • Honorary Fellow Of The Metabolomics Society – Dr. Lorraine Brennan (University College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Lifetime Honorary Fellow Of The Metabolomics Society – Dr. David Broadhurst (Edith Cowan University, Australia)
  • President’s Award Recipient – Dr. Rachel Kelly (Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA)
  • Metabolomics Society Medal – Dr. María Eugenia Monge (CONICET, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina)

Honorary Fellowship is a significant lifetime award granted by the Metabolomics Society to exceptional members of the metabolomics community. Lorraine Brennan played a key role in establishing the field of nutritional metabolomics, through the identification of dietary biomarkers and the implementation of dietary interventions, moving the field toward personalized nutrition. In addition to working as a full professor and a principal investigator at the research institutions, she is involved in a number of public outreach activities. One of them is editing the Frontiers for Young Minds special collection: “New ways to understand how foods affect me and my health”.  

One more Honorary Fellow of the Metabolomics Society is Dr. Broadhurst. He is recognized for making a pioneering and sustained contribution to the science of metabolomics at an international level, within the fields of technology development, computational biology or application to a specific discipline.

“Metabolomics is not just about blindly applying dogmatic rules (e.g., p < 0.05 or RSD<20%) but about understanding and applying concepts fit-for-purpose”

(D. Broadhurst)

The President’s Award recognizes outstanding achievements in metabolomics. It is available for Society members who have been awarded a PhD no more than 5-10 years prior to the nomination. Dr. Rachel Kelly received the President’s Award this year. Her lab is currently working to derive metabo-endotypes of such heterogenous disorders as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Age Related Macular degeneration, expanding her previous work in asthma. She is also passionate about the field of metabolomic epidemiology. “I think this such an exciting time to be working in metabolomics and I can’t wait to see what the next ten years hold!” – says Rachel.

María Eugenia Monge received the Metabolomics Society Medal. This award is for mid-career members of the society and is open to those members who have been awarded a PhD 10-15 years prior to the nomination. One of her achievements is founding the Latin American Metabolic Profiling Society LAMPS ( You can see María’s full interview in one of our 2020 issues

We want to wish all the award recipients a successful continuation of their research career!

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