PacifiCan Funding: New Equipment for Molecular Spatial Imaging

Under the leadership of Dr. David Goodlett, the TMIC University of Victoria node is set to embrace a new era of advancements in biomedical science, thanks to the substantial $1.2 million support from PacifiCan. The addition of the Bruker timsTOF fleX MALDI-2 mass spectrometer, the first installed in Canada, combined with their dedication to fostering talent and innovation, reinforces their commitment to driving healthcare advancements and solidifying their role as a global leader in life sciences. This equipment will enable the visualization of molecular spatial imaging, contributing to progress in cancer research, drug development, personalized medicine, and numerous other fields.

Being the central hub, the University of Victoria node has spearheaded research that has contributed to advancing the treatment of a wide array of medical conditions and diseases, encompassing cardiovascular issues, cancer, and infectious ailments. This funding not only benefits TMIC but also promises to have a far-reaching impact on the entire field of biomedical research.

PacifiCan serves as British Columbia’s committed federal economic development collaborator. The mission is to drive B.C. toward progress through meaningful initiatives and collaborative ventures, fostering sustained prosperity for the people of British Columbia.

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