TMIC Receives Technology Development Funding from Genome Canada

Genome Canada and Genome Alberta in partnership with the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) fund facilities across Canada to support genomics technology infrastructure. Alberta continues to lead globally in small molecule biology by enhancing genomics-based services and tools across the health sector, agriculture and animal, and various bio-based industries. As a part of this initiative, TMIC has been awarded $1M to support a $1.5M technology development program. This fund will support TMIC’s mission to bring advancements in metabolomics innovation to the forefront within Canada for the benefit of all Canadians.

The Technology Development funding will be utilized by TMIC to develop a variety of new metabolomic tools such as assays for human and animal health, expanded assays to measure environmental and dietary chemical exposures, novel assays to assess exposure to a variety of mycotoxins, and techniques to measure metabolites in a low cell-count or even single-cell setting. The ability to expand TMIC’s technology profile will allow for our teams to provide more opportunities to the industries we are connected with such as life sciences, environmental analysis, and food production.

TMIC is grateful for the opportunity provided by Genome Canada and Genome Alberta and the continual support shown towards our team.

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