Vitamin D Rapid screening

An open access publication describes a high-throughput platform for the rapid screening of vitamin D by direct infusion-MS/MS. This work was performed by the TMIC’s Node leader from McMaster University Dr. Philip Britz-McKibbin and his colleagues. As a result of their development, an optimized liquid-phase extraction protocol was developed to minimize ion suppression when directly infusing serum or plasma extracts via a capillary electrophoresis (CE). Authors demonstrate that the proposed method could reduce commercial immunoassay misclassification of vitamin D deficiency in a cohort of critically ill children.

CE-MS system with software control was utilized in this work. This approach allowed automating repeat sample injections and infusion process without voltage application. This separation-free method is easily transferrable to other laboratories without specialized flow injection or sequential injection equipment.

CE-MS based metabolomics studied can be accessed via TMIC’s McMaster University Node. Dr. Britz-McKibbin has contributed to innovations in capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry for metabolomics as applied to preventative health. His team is addressing several major obstacles that hinder progress in metabolomics, including sample throughput, data quality and the identification of unknown metabolites of clinical significance in complex biological samples. More details about Britz-McKibbin’s node services (both quantitative and semi-quantitative) can be found here:

The proposed strategy enables more robust high-throughput screening which is not practical with LC-MS/MS. It allows better analytical and clinical performance than a commercial immunoassay system. Automated programming of infusion and flushing steps using a CE instrument for DI-MS/MS provided an effective duty cycle of 3.3 min/sample allowing for continuous operation with minimal troubleshooting.

Dr. P. Britz-McKibbin Node of The Metabolomics innovation centre offers the following assays with CE-MS technology:

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